Success hinges on anticipating on developments in your area, and to translate these into your strategy, business model or policy. And not only for businesses are good concepts worth a fortune. Also, social issues will benefit from innovative solutions. But how to achieve this?

In the wayfinding of a strategy or business model the strength of innovation can't be found when relying merely on an analytical approach. The new era is increasingly complex and requires new ways of thinking and developing.


  1. ‘In search for alternative social future scenarios' ’

    "The future is dominated by radical transitions. Climate change has become a climate crisis, world politics is hardening, social inequality is growing. Citizens are becoming consumers and consumers are commodities. Populists are falsifying, companies are colonizing and search engines are shredding our collective memory, precisely as we are so now because the transitions ask us big questions: Who are we? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? "

    "The main thing now is to investigate what we can still want. And that is precisely where the power of design research lies. Unlike academic research, which seeks the truth, or applied research, which seeks the market , design research wants to solve a problem by exploring the future, by investigating possible solutions. "

    "Design research enables designers and clients to search for their future together with citizens, governments, companies and administrators, among others. What future they can want to realize. Design research therefore never leads to a blueprint, but to a design that depicts what we can want ".

    "Technology alone is not going to save us. We have to look for alternative social scenarios for a new era under great time pressure and partly on our feelings - so exploratory, groping, closing, articulating, imagining, designing." George Brugmans en Marleen Stikker in NRC, juni 2019


Design Thinking brings/offers models for a new way of thinking. It's is an proven approach to a business problems or societal challenges, delivering to come up with creative and innovative solutions based on knowledge of human behavior.

Design Thinking is a constructive method to support new initiatives like startups, spin offs, joint ventures and innovation projects. Holistic, creative, emphatic, with focus on the human perspective.

Design Thinking makes use of the Double Diamond model which leads to specific solutions.

FRAME A well defined question is a half solved problem.

RESEARCH The following step is researching the availability of sources and information.

IDEATION The information is used to create new ideas, a customer or employer journey, a strategy or a vision of the future.

PROTOTYPE TEST The best ideas out of these are chosen and tested and prototyped.


My name is Sandra van Vliet. I believe that true innovation originates from connecting different disciplines and perspectives, and that this process needs experienced direction and a structured communication process. Trust is essential.

For 20 years now I have advised corporates, creative industry, companies and organizations in the use of creativity and innovation for their development and growth as a concept developer, product and service designer and communication strategist.


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