Are you in search of a process that creates new services, products and business opportunities, learn about Design Thinking.

Design Thinking offers methods and models that make use of the left as well as the right hemisphere of the brain for enhancement of creativity and innovation. It's is a proven approach for delivering creative and innovative solutions to business problems and societal challenges.

Design Thinking is a constructive method to support new initiatives like startups, spin offs, joint ventures and innovation projects. Holistic, creative, emphatic, with focus on the human perspective. It opens ways to new possibilities.


  1. ‘Design thinking has become business strategy’

    Financieel Dagblad, Gerben van der Marel, January 9th 2016

    “Because of all the digital disruption the urgency of innovation is more than ever felt. The importance of the end user experience, which designers are always working on, is finally being recognized.

    The so-called design thinking has been around for a while. In today's digital age large traditional companies are increasingly under pressure. Companies like Uber and Airbnb, whose creative thinking is in the genes, are disrupting markets. Whilst digital transformation is high on the agenda design thinking takes an important place in the boardrooms of traditional businesses.

    In design thinking it's not only about the beautiful design of a product, an app or website. Design thinking creates design principles like the focus on the end user and the ease of use across the organization. Designers keep their focus on the larger problem, they embrace abstract challenges and uncertainties. By fueling the imagination, new ideas and innovation rise. Managers are taught to make continuous product improvements based on feedback from end users."


Design Thinking makes use of the Double Diamond model which leads to specific solutions. The first step is to define the challenge.

FRAME. A well defined question is a half solved problem. RESEARCH. The following step is researching the availability of sources and information, and adjust these. IDEATION. The information is used to create new ideas. PROTOTYPE TEST. The best ideas out of these are chosen and tested and prototyped.

This proces can be partially repeated for reinforcement. In the ideal situation we prepare the organization in recognizing and practicing the process by which it can become self-learning.

Design Thinking can be used for various goals. It connects disciplines within the organization and draws together a product development process, customer approach, consistent profiling and cross-media communication with the customer and user.

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